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Understanding Stress Breakdown

Recognise the three stages

In stress breakdown The very first sign Is feeling tense and nervy Most of the time.

And if you don't work out what’s getting you up tight

And you just go on will power, Thinking you'll be all right-

Two things can happen when your battery runs down

You can find yourself just sitting around Can’t get started; Or flying off the handle, bursting into tears Getting more emotional than you've been in years.

The family might recognize you’re going off your head

And lovingly suggest you spend the day in bed.

There are three stages in stress breakdown, I've mentioned one and two,

And I won't be surprised at all, If what I said, you already knew. But here's the situation that really worries me Only just a very few can recognize stage three.

Stage three symptoms can’t be underestimated- For many people wrongly think love's just deteriorated.

Suddenly you can’t stand noise or any stimulation You just want to get away from the whole situation.

All your loved one's faults and failings you never criticize, Suddenly you just can’t stand, they’re intolerable in your eyes.

And your reaction pattern changes; big problems you don't see

While unimportant details you treat attentively.

When all these things are happening, That we don't comprehend -

Love relationships are weakened, On which family life depends.

To find out more about stress breakdown, you could download a PDF file of William Wilkie's book "Understanding Stress Breakdown" or an Audio file. See

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