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Self Esteem 3rd Edition by Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning  (318 pages  $28.95)  Among other things this book claims to be able to  help you handle your mistakes and respond well to criticism..

An Unquiet Mind  A memoir of moods and madness  by Kay Redfield Jamison (219 pages  $22.95)  “It stands alone in the literature of manic depfesion for its bravery, brilliance and beauty”  Oliver Sacks.   “Examining manic depression from the side of both doctor and patients, both healer and the healed, An Unquiet Mind is a memoir of enormous candour, courage, wit and wisdom.”.

Understanding Stress Breakdown ($19.80). The best-selling book that explains the three stages of behavioural change as people break down for trying to cope with excessive stress.   This book in its various editions has saved a lot of marriages.

FEEL THE FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY by Susan Jeffers (214 pages  $29.95)  What came first?  This very well known book or the saying?  The back cover says this is “The phenomenal classic that has changed the lives of millions!”

The Home Psychiatrist by William Wilkie  (144 pages  $14.95)  This is the Hill of Content edition.  This book starts with “What and how are our children learning?” and it progresses from there.  Books on mental and emotional disturbance don’t age much, because the human condition is with us always..

The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Smart People Make and How To Avoid Them  by Arthur Freeman and Rose deWolf (284 pages $19.95)  The authors ask “Are you a mistake maker?”

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