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Healing the Family Tree

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Epigenetic or spiritual?

Only 5% of our DNA carries information for the traits we inherit. The other 95% was once called “junk DNA” but geneticists are now calling it “non-coding DNA” since they began to suspect it works as a switch, turning some genes on and some off.

In 1984 I met Dr Kenneth McAll, who wrote “Healing the Family Tree”, and I began taking detailed family tree histories in my psychiatry practice. Since then I became involved in the healing of many incurable cases.. The commonest situation was that an innocent person begins to suffer distressing symptoms that don’t make sense, given the person’s activities, genetic inheritance and lifestyle.

By taking a detailed family history, we discover that the patient is experiencing the same symptoms, pain and emotions that accompanied the death of someone else in the family tree. Someone they knew nothing whatsoever about.

Why? We can make a guess. But we know two things. Firstly, no medical treatment ever helps. Secondly, prayer does help, promptly. The best management is to have a Christian Communion Service or Mass for the lost soul. And the patient is seemingly miraculously healed.

But the literature these days tends to attribute to epigenetic changes, what is happening in cases like these.. The effects two generations after famines where many people died, are put down to epigenetic changes in the DNA triggered by the trauma of starvation, and (quite reasonably so) not to the moaning of the hungry ghosts in the unconscious minds of the grandchildren.

But epigenetics doesn’t explain why a grandson who knew nothing about his grandfather’s suicide by hanging, began to suffer spasms in his neck and then mentioned to his family that the world would be better off without him (totally unknown to him, the exact words his grandfather uttered before taking his own life). Medical treatment and physiotherapy didn’t help, but prayer was immediately effective.

Should students of psychology and psychiatry receive some teaching in spiritual matters?

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