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A Buddhist Account of the Life of Jesus

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

It reveals a different ending.

An account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth written by Buddhist monks in Nepal was possibly the first written after Jesus' crucifixion and death..

This manuscript was discovered in Tibet in 1887 by the Russian author Nicolas Notovitch and was published in 1890 as "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ". This book is available for free from Project Gutenberg.

The actual manuscript written in ancient Pali by Buddhist monks was entitled "The Life of Saint Issa - Best of the Sons of Men".

This beautiful book reveals the teachings of Jesus and his interaction with holy men in India and Persia. It answers the question of where Jesus was between the age of 12 and the age of 30. This is the unknown 18 years in the gospels of the New Testament.

But while "The LIfe of Saint Issa" is consistent with the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it differs in one significant fact. It was not Pontius Pilate who washed his hands after delivering the death sentence on Jesus. It was the priests who declared themselves innocent of the blood of a righteous man.

Which makes sense. The people with the most to gain from executing Jesus were the officials of the Roman occupation. Pilate would have to explain to Caesar if he had not stopped a rising insurrection against the Romans.

The Jewish people have been wrongly blamed for almost 2,000 years for seeking the death of Jesus. We Christians owe God's people a sincere apology.

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